Tuesday 5 June 2012

Goodbye 1984, Hello 1985

Goodbye VIC-20 - Commodore pulled the plug on the venerable VIC-20 in January.

Hello Commodore 128 - Released in January as the intended successor to the Commodore 64 but was discontinued 5 years before it.

Hello Atari ST - The first of the two main 16-bit home computers was unveiled in January and available to buy from early July.  It beat the Amiga to the market by two months.

Hello Commodore Amiga - The Amiga 1000 was the first Amiga model released.  Although superior to the ST in the video and audio departments, many of the earlier games were direct ports.

Hello NES - The Nintendo Entertainment System was released in North America in the wake of the video games crash.  It would go on to become the world's best selling console until eventually being overtaken by Sony's Playstation.

Hello Sega Mark III - This snappily titled console was released in Japan in October.  It would later be redesigned, re-branded and exported as the Sega Master System.

1985 games I'm looking forward to but have never played….

SunDog: Frozen Legacy [Later update] - A good, not great game.  Did not make the cut
Super Mario Bros.  *Hangs head in shame*

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