Wednesday 7 March 2012

Super Pipeline - Commodore 64 - 1983

The little fella is the repairman who you must guide to clear blockages in the pipe.

Super Pipeline is an excellent arcade game for the Commodore 64. The object of the game is to keep a series of pipes unblocked until you collect a set amount of water in a barrel at the bottom of the screen. Enemies appear in the form of saboteurs and insects that climb a ladder to the side of the screen. When they reach the top of the screen, the saboteurs drop objects that block the pipe while the insects fall onto the pipe and need to be avoided. You have a repair man in tow who you have to guide to mend any blockages in the pipe whilst avoiding or shooting the insects. Your gun will only shoot left or right so you can’t shoot enemies above or below you.

In the early stages the saboteurs and insects can be shot while they are climbing the ladder but in the later levels the ladder is protected by a wall. Touching insects or the objects dropped by the saboteur causes the player to lose a life or the repair man to drop off the pipe meaning the player has to go collect another one. There is also a lobster which occasionally appears on the pipe. This is impervious to your bullets but you can selflessly sacrifice one of your sidekicks to get rid of it.

Super Pipeline is a very playable and addictive game. The graphics have the trademark C64 blockiness but are well animated and suit the game perfectly. There are great tunes, jingles and sound effects. It even features short cut scenes in between levels à la Pacman.  Highly recommended.

Later stages have an inconveniently placed wall so you can't shoot enemies on the ladder.


  1. Loved this game, too. You're making me wanna fire up my emulator!

  2. ... and now I've got that catchy music stuck in my head!