Monday 13 August 2012

Super Pipeline 2 - Commodore 64 - 1985

Super Pipeline 2 is the sequel to the excellent Commodore 64 game Super Pipeline.  Your task is to once again keep the pipes flowing long enough to fill barrels at the bottom of the screen.  Various tools such as drills, hammers and sink plungers have run amok and are out to scupper your plans, along with the bugs and lobster from the first game.  These enemies run along the pipes and try to put holes in them.  You are armed with a gun to shoot the enemies but you can only shoot left or right.  To repair the pipes you need to use your endless supply of repairmen.  At all times there are two repairmen roaming the pipework which must be collected and guided to the leak.  The leaks need to be fixed quickly as there is only a finite supply of liquid supplied by a tank at the top of the screen.  If the tank is emptied before the barrels are full, your score is rapidly depleted until they are.

The lobster from the first game makes another appearance.  It can only be killed from behind.

Super Pipeline 2 is a brilliant arcade game that has enough changes to make it better than the first game.  Once again the blocky graphics suit the game though lack a little of the character they had in Super Pipeline.  There is some decent music and sound effects to accompany the game.  The game also features inter-level cut scenes which are played out at the bottom of the play area. 

A short cut scene plays after each level.


  1. Dad and I played this game when I grew up in Paradise (Butte County) Northern California.

    I managed to get to like level 12 once but died right away and never did complete the game. How many levels are there anyways?

    I LOVE how they fully use the color abilities of the C64 where if this were Apple or Atari the graphics would look downright creepy!

    This should've been an arcade game straight from the start and I bet millions.....No hundreds of millions worth of quarters would've been pumped thru it.

    I wish a remake of this game would be made like what was done to Total Eclipse

    1. Oooh, it's nearly a year to the day that I posted this - I can't remember what level I got to. I agree with you that it would have been a good earner in an arcade.

      Thanks for the comments BTW

  2. Oh and you forgot the picture of the nails that chases you from level 5!!

  3. Any chance this was by the creators of Giana Sisters ? The lobster looks somewhat ... familiar.

    1. This game was programmed in the UK by Andy Walker. The graphics on Giana Sisters were done by Manfred Trenz who is probably most famous as the creator of the Turrican series.