Wednesday 22 February 2012

Mined-Out - Sinclair Spectrum - 1983

Mined-out is a neat puzzle game in which you have to cross various minefields on order to, according to the instructions, rescue Bill the Worm!?! 

You (whatever ‘you’ are) start at the bottom of the screen and have to work your way up to a break in the fence at the top.  The game is a little reminiscent of Minesweeper in that it tells you the number of mines that are above, below and either side of your character at any one point.  It doesn’t keep the number flagged up so making it slightly trickier. There is safe zone at the very top and bottom of the screen where there are no mines but these are the only guaranteed safe places there are.  You can also gain extra points for rescuing some weird looking ‘damsels’ on the way.

Although the graphics and sound are crude (it was written in BASIC after all) Mined-out is a good game and almost as addictive as Minesweeper itself.

Seriously, who really cares about a worm?

Oh dear, I muffed it


  1. this was the first game i got on speccy.
    today i've finised it in spectaculator, by saving states. otherwise, i m not sure how to i.e. escape the spider that is tracing you thru your path. or when the map of your current path dissapears/

    the game is FAR more better than win/minesweeper

    i m not sure how did i reach up 4-th level , playing it as a kid

    1. I knew there was a spider later in the game but I didn't your path disappears! It gets tough quickly enough as it is.

  2. I love this game.. It's just so much better than the game on Windows that it spawned.

    I've just finished a remake of it for Android:-

    I've uploaded a video of the gameplay to Youtube too. Even if no one buys the game I'm glad that I've coded a version for Android because it plays really lovely on my Nexus 7. :)

    1. Thanks for the link, Andrew. I see you've remade Blitz too.